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Brutal Enemas

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    Kinky Clothes
    Lumen's Unwanted Enema

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Degrading Enemas - Lumen's Unwanted Enema

    Clip Description

    Ball gagged, naked and in a box tie she stands waiting on the enema jr is about to administer. When he enters he tells her to get her ass exposed by bending over. He fills the enema bulb up to capacity, stuffs the nozzle into her asshole and squeezes the fluid into her colon. By the third one he can hear the gurgling sound inside her belly. By the fifth she's telling him she needs to go urgently. Jr tells her she is going to get one more. Once he finishes filling her up he makes her squat over the floor and hold it. Her urgency grows by the second and she tells him she doesn't think she can hold it any longer. He makes her continue to squat and warns her not to shit on his floor. Finally he gives her permission to release it in a bucket that he makes her go and fetch from the corner of the room. The box tie doesn't give her any use of her arms so it becomes a challenge for her to retrieve it before she shits all over herself. As she makes her way back she squirts a stream of fluid out her ass before she can clamp her butthole closed again. He has her sit the bucket in the middle of the room and then squat down over it and release her mess. It sounds like a power washer as she lets the water out of her colon and it fills the metal bucket beneath her. Jr tells her to look directly at you, the viewer, as she releases all of the fluid. **********, She finds it difficult to look at you, the sound coming out of her asshole is so unsavory. When she finally finishes she is required to pick her bucket up and get rid of it.

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
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    mp4408.75 MB

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    Degrading Enemas - Lumen's Unwanted Enema

    Degrading Enemas - Lumen's Unwanted Enema

    Degrading Enemas - Lumen's Unwanted Enema

    Degrading Enemas - Lumen's Unwanted Enema

    Degrading Enemas - Lumen's Unwanted Enema

    Degrading Enemas - Lumen's Unwanted Enema

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    Lolita Made To Release In A Bucket - Nude and on her chest with her ass in the air is how we find lolita next. A 16lb. Bowling ball is fastened to one ankle. Her arms are in a strappado behind her back. A iv stand is rolled over to her with a 5 quart enema bag held off of it. It is full of milk. I pop an enema nozzle into her ass hole. She nervously looks behind her trying to see what I will do next. I stop and ask her whether she has ever had an enema before. No, she says. I ask her what she thinks will be happening next: I really don’t know, she replies. I take a black ball gag and tightly buckle it into her face hole and start the milk flowing. It only takes moments before she groans once and then twice. Soon, she begins to groan in an awful, woeful way. Consistently, rhythmically. The flow is stopped and I question her. I ask her how it feels in her body. She lets me know she needs to “poop”. When her cramps subside I let the flow start up again. We go through this dance several times, listening to her wail and deal with the cramps before they subside and more milk is discharged into her rectum. But it is getting harder and harder for her to deal with the pain in her body. That personal pain of needing to shit violently. In spite of her cries and cramps, in spite of the shriek of her panic and urgency I put still more milk inside of her. She isn't sure she can handle it, the look of terror on her face when she sees me go to release yet more milk leaves no doubt she is at her limit, at her ability to keep from shitting on herself. She starts to beg for permission to “poop”. Her requests just get more and more desperate and needy. She is literally begging to take a shit. When the bag is emptied I warn her not to let any out and then remove the nozzle from her shit hole. Then she is told to get up and go fetch her bathroom, a tin bucket sitting across the room. She makes her way up and stands. She hunches over as she drags the bowling ball attached to her ankle toward the far side of the room. When she collects her bucket she brings it back to where she received the enema so that she can squat over it and release it. She cries from frustration and need, she needs to go bad and it takes time to get her bathroom in place. Once she does she is told to squat and shit in it. Without any hesitation she does just that. At first her embarrassment controls her ability to let it flow from her ass. It is clear from the sound of the milk hitting the bottom of the bucket that her sphincter is still tightly closed, her shame not allowing her to relax in this mortifying situation. But then urgency takes over where shame left off and the milk begins to rush from her ass. The sound of it filling the bucket lets you know she isn't holding back one bit now. It sounds like a tap has been turned on full blast. I make her stare at you, the viewer, while she releases it. And it is clear from her face that absolute relief is washing over her. It even trumps her dehumanization. Her ball gagged face looks back at you as she empties quarts of milk out of her ass hole. I tell her how disgusting what she is doing is --even as the full sound of milk gushing from her hole splashes into her bucket. When she drops her head in shame I yell at her to keep looking at you, the viewer. It seems like the flow of milk from her ass will never cease. It is loud and obvious when more than milk finds its way from her dirty hole. You can hear it splash as she stares at you in humility. At times she moans in unison with the massive flow of liquid leaving her behind. It causes large spit bubbles to pop from behind her ball gag, and yet, the milk just keeps flowing. She begins to cry as all sort of disgusting noises start coming from her ass –and still she is made to stare at you. And it is disgusting. It reminds one of the sounds you might hear from a highway rest stop in the men’s room of a guy who consumed way to many spicy tacos the day before. Keep staring at the camera! Finally she muffles out a statement: i’m done. She is told to get up with her bucket and show it to you, the viewer. I ask her what is in it. I make her look at it. I make her tell me what made those disgusting turds. When I can’t understand her I make her tell me again until we can understand her. When i’m satisfied I have her take her bucket back across the room, ankle still chained to the bowling ball and place it back where she found it.

    Suppositories, Enema, Diaper, Butt Plug & Fried Chicken - Marley showed up on the wrong day. Jr is in a foul mood and decides to take it out on marley's asshole. After getting her naked he attaches a chain around her neck, bends her at the waist and locks her neck chain to a cage so she stays in said position. Next, he stuffs 10 individual suppositories up her ass. By the 7th suppository her asshole is so slick he has to keep shoving the previous one further in because they keep wanting to poke back out. Once the 10th is inside he inserts a large enema nozzle into her brown hole and fills her colon full of warm water. If that weren't bad enough he pops a large butt plug in her ass and corks her up. He follows that with an adult diaper. He then has her get into the cage where he locks her inside with only her head poking up. She believes things are drawing to a close and that maybe she can just release the enema into the diaper around the butt plug --but that's not going to happen...Yet. Instead, he goes into the kitchen and brings back a whole roasted chicken swimming in greasy fluids. He sets the whole chicken down in front of her face and lets her know she isn't going to release that enema until she has eaten the entire greasy chicken –licking her fingers clean and all.

    Don’t Release That Enema Until I Cum - Bob has decided to have a little fun with ash. He has decided to give her a large enema and then make her masturbate him while she holds it. She cannot release it until bob has an orgasm. She jacks him off sitting on a metal bucket as she desperately tries to bring him off so she can have a release of her own. After quite a few minutes and some squirting on her part she finally brings him off. She immediately asks for permission and he gives it to her. The metal of the bucket makes the sound of her release unmistakable. It seems to go on forever. It is almost like a water faucet. There was real fear the bucket would fill and overflow. Finally she finishes and bob makes her pick up the bucket and take it outside while naked.

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