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    Kinky Clothes
    Mad Secretary Teases The Boss Pt 1

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    KinkyDomina Long Sharp Fingernails - Mad Secretary Teases The Boss Pt 1

    Clip Description

    I warned you a week ago. Unless you give me some financial advantages, I will get the advantages myself by blackmailing you. But now that we are alone in the room, I will show you my power. I noticed how you've been staring at my fingernails. Am I making you hard by my mere presence?

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
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    Additional Thumbnails

    KinkyDomina Long Sharp Fingernails - Mad Secretary Teases The Boss Pt 1

    KinkyDomina Long Sharp Fingernails - Mad Secretary Teases The Boss Pt 1

    KinkyDomina Long Sharp Fingernails - Mad Secretary Teases The Boss Pt 1

    KinkyDomina Long Sharp Fingernails - Mad Secretary Teases The Boss Pt 1

    KinkyDomina Long Sharp Fingernails - Mad Secretary Teases The Boss Pt 1

    KinkyDomina Long Sharp Fingernails - Mad Secretary Teases The Boss Pt 1

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    Mad Secretary Teases The Boss Pt 2 - Cock Tease - You didn't think you could resist me, did you? There is no way you can resist the power of my claws. You see, not long ago I was just your secretary. An underpaid secretary. Something I don't like. I want money for my manicure...

    Rope Bondage Handjob - Cumshot - I love taking things far when I tease you. I like to deny you the ultimate pleasure. There is nothing you can do anyway, all tied up, under me, weak and aroused. I tease your cock with my long sharp nails, and make you squirm in agony, but you must remember I am in control. I decide whether you will orgasm.
this is the end part of the longer video.

    Red Nails Tease 31 Jan 2011 - My claws are so sharp and dangerous right now: deadly red stilettoes.
i know exactly how to tease you and I will use my weapons of seduction on your dick.
is that exciting? Well enjoy watching this tease & denial clip.

avi format for good video quality

    Cumshot Compilation 1 - 5 arousing handjob and cumshot scenes, with my long fingernails up close and personal. Will you be able to make it through all 5 of them?...

    Scratching Chest Blue Nails - It feels so good to know my powers can make any man extremely weak. I just touch your skin with my long fingernails and you submerge into a state of peace, tranquility, where you don't need to think. You just need to feel and obey.

    Stroking With Scarlet Nails - My beautiful red stiletto fingernails are again used in what you enjoy most: giving a handjob.

    Bondage Hj Part B 15march 2011 - All tied up and milked by a vampire queen, will you be able to resist my charms? 
ruined orgasm and cumshot at the end.

    Wristwatch Hj Cumshot - Time stands still when I wear the watches on my wrists, and I can endlessly tease you with my fingernails. Give in to my power, I will allow you an intense orgasm!

    Scratching Ass 31 Jan 2011 - You have been a very naughty boy, therefore I must punish you.
get here and show me your ass. I will scratch the life out of you, even when it hurts.
your pain is my pleasure.

avi format for good video quality

    Black Square Nails Cumshot 22 Jan 2011 Avi - A handjob video featuring long black fingernails and an intense orgasm at the end. Avi format for good quality.

    Back Scratching 31 Jan 2011 - My sexy stiletto fingernails have just been sharpened and painted red. (In warcolors)
i know how much you love red fingernails but also that you consider them dangerous.
how about a backscratch then??

avi format for good video quality

    Mad Secretary Pt 3 - Handjob - Why do you find it arousing that I am blackmailing you into submission? Perhaps because it feels so good to be teased with my long sharp fingernails...

    Nipple  20 Feb 2011 - With these 10 daggers I shall scratch your chest until you are covered in red marks, then I shall pierce your nipples. Just for my amusement. Avi format for good video quality. 
mp4 for fast download.

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